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Eco Water Urn

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Giving your loved one a beautiful memorial in a body of water is now possible with the Eco Water Urn. This innovative water urn gives you the ability to scatter ashes with ease in a simple, yet dignified way.

When placed in water, this special all-natural urn is designed to float upright like a buoy. Within a short time, the bottom portion submerged in water will dissolve and release the ashes, freeing them to spread underwater. The remaining top portion may continue to be visible for a short time before sinking and dissolving out of sight.

Every Eco Water Urn BioUrn® comes in a beautiful handmade bamboo case. The bamboo case provides protection when storing remains or when traveling to that special place on the water to scatter. It also provides for a lovely presentation for ceremonies!

The Eco Water Urn BioUrn® is designed to hold as much or as little of one set of ashes (size of 225 cu. in.).  It is large enough to hold all of a person’s ashes, but you may also include just a portion.


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