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The Seta

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The Seta urn is a harmonious blend of artistry and tranquility, its surface flowing with wave-like patterns. It is a tangible reflection of serene beauty, conveying a softness that belies the strength within. Crafted with care, the Seta speaks to the soul's eternal grace, offering a peaceful sanctuary for cherished remains. With its soothing texture and calming presence, this urn is a comforting tribute to a life well-lived, ensuring that memories are cradled in elegance for eternity.


The standard ratio for capacity is 1:1 in weight to cubic inches. If your loved one weighs more than the capacity, please get in touch with us for assistance and special ordering.

  • Dimensions: 9.8" H x 7.2" W
  • Capacity: 290 cu. in.
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