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The Living Urn - Memorial Tree

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Grow a living memory tree or plant of your loved one with The Living Urn's patented bio urn and planting system!

Receive The Living Urn® now and make your tree selection, or choose to receive your tree at a later date. Included is a voucher card with simple instructions on selecting the tree of your choice and contacting us when a date and/or location is known for the planting. 

The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System is designed to be used with as much or as little of one set of cremated remains. It is large enough to hold all of the cremated remains and provide enough room for the additives and tree roots. We also have many customers that will plant only a portion of the cremated remains with The Living Urn for when families split the cremated remains among siblings and plant multiple memory trees or when people just want to keep some of the remains. 


  • Our Patented BioUrn®
  • RootProtect® Proprietary Soil Additive
  • Aged Wood Chips
  • Step-By-Step Planting Instructions
  • Voucher Card to Select Your Premium 2-4 Foot Tree and Have it Shipped


How it works

The patented Living Urn® BioUrn® and Planting System is complex in its design, but simple and easy to use.

Place your loved one's cremated remains in the BioUrn® and add our proprietary RootProtect® additive on top. Next, lower the roots of the young tree into our special BioUrn®, add premium growth mix, and plant it in the ground. A beautiful, enduring living memorial will then grow up from the urn and the cremated remains to keep your loved one's memory present in your life!

Tree Pod Burial, Learn More About Our Tree Urn for Cremation and Tree Burials

What is a Tree Urn (Bio Urn)?

A tree urn is a biodegradable urn or bio urn that grows a tree in combination with ashes or cremated remains. The Living Urn® is the patented tree urn and planting system that makes it easy to transform the ashes of your lost loved one into a living tree memorial to honor your loved and give back to nature. Many people will plant on their own property or other special place and others may consider having the tree memorial planted at a memorial park or cemetery, such as a Memory Forest .

How do you plant a tree with cremated ashes?

With The Living Urn® one plants a tree with cremated ashes by first transferring the ashes into the BioUrn®. Next, the bag of the ash agent RootProtect® is emptied on top of the remains and the urn is placed in the planting hole in the ground. The young tree is then lowered into the urn and soil is filled into the space around the roots in the urn and the hole in which the urn and tree are in is filled in with soil. Next, press down the earth to ensure a stable footing for your tree or shrub. Apply a thick layer of mulch on the surface surrounding the tree and water the tree very well and on a regular basis. Your tree will grow up from the BioUrn® into a beautiful living memorial.


Are the tree burial pods biodegradable?

The patented Living Urn® is the leading tree urn (or burial pod) and the BioUrn® itself is made from 100% biodegradable materials that are all natural. Even the packaging of our cremation tree kit is made from bamboo which is a sustainable resource and an excellent choice as an eco friendly building or packaging material.

Are tree urns environmentally friendly?

Yes! The Living Urn® BioUrn® and planting system is 100% biodegradable and all natural. Even the packaging of our cremation tree kit is made from bamboo which is a sustainable resource and eco-friendly material.


How to choose the right kind of tree for your loved one?

The Living Urn® tree urn comes with an actual living tree that is 2 to 4 feet in height and comes in a pot with a strong, robust root system. This makes it easy for families to have success and grow a beautiful tree memorial. We offer over 40 tree and shrub types, which are narrowed down by zip code to what grows best in each specific area. Below we highlight some of the more popular tree options:


Red Maple Tree Urn

A beautiful hardy tree that has one of the largest geographic growing footprints in the U.S. – from as far South as Florida to as far North as Maine!


Red Oak Tree Urn

A symbol of strength and longevity, the red oak tree is one of the most popular options offered by The Living Urn®


White Oak Tree Urn

The impressive White Oak Tree is a symbol of strength and longevity. It shows off a stunning array of color in the Fall and its acorns are a favorite food of many animals.


Pink Dogwood Tree Urn

A beautiful tree that displays its stunning pink blossoms in the Spring and makes for a amazing addition to any landscape!


White Dogwood Tree Urn

An excellent landscape tree for all four seasons, the White Dogwood shows stunning white blooms in the Spring and vibrant red-purple foliage in the Fall.


Weeping Willow Tree Urn

A peaceful beauty that provides a dramatic appearance, the Weeping Willow is a popular option chosen by families in the midwest and eastern U.S.


Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree Urn

The symbol of Spring beauty, this special tree displays vibrant pink-white blossoms and beautiful branching patterns – truly a sight to see!


Japanese Red Maple Tree Urn

A smaller sized tree, the Japanese Red Maple is a popular option for families who don’t have a lot of space to plant. This special tree shows off it’s beautiful color in the Fall and is a hardy option that’s available in many regions throughout the U.S.


Sugar Maple Tree Urn

A true ‘giver’ the Sugar Maple is one of America’s most beloved trees! It is the state tree of New York, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Vermont and displays brilliant colors of yellow, orange, and red in the Fall!


Crape Myrtle Tree Urn

A fast-growing, smaller sized tree, the Crape Myrtle is a favorite of many families in warmer climates. Known as the ‘lilac of the South’, this special tree has stunning blooms and is a hardy species with great drought tolerance.


Sweetbay Magnolia Tree Urn

A beautiful, unique tree that flowers late in the Spring, avoiding potential issues with frost. With its elegant shape and creamy white flowers with a lemon scent, it is great memorial option for families.


Sycamore Tree Urn

With its dense foliage, the Sycamore tree makes for a great shade tree and is one of the most long-lived trees available!


Tulip Tree Urn

A stunning flowering tree that is resistant to most disease and other issues. It is also a great shade tree and one of the favorite food source of many animals.


Ginkgo Biloba Tree Urn

A distinct deciduous tree that shows off fan shaped leaves that turn a beautiful bright yellow each Fall! This special tree is extremely hardy and can live for thousands of years!


American Elm Tree Urn

Native to the Central and Eastern U.S., the American Elm is a stunning shade tree that makes a bold statement!

How Becoming A Tree After Death is Symbolic

Tree memorials have been occurring for centuries and many cultures throughout history have coveted their energy and even worshiped them. It brings new life that can continue to grow and honor and represent a person who passed in a beautiful way. There are many tree types, each with their own special meaning. In addition, trees, including the many incarcerations of The Tree of Life, are prevalent in various religious texts.

How much does it cost to turn ashes into a tree?

In order to turn ashes into a tree, you will first need to be cremated. The cost of cremation varies depending on where you live, if you’re working with a funeral home or a direct cremation provider, and what services you choose to include along with the cremation (a service, viewing, etc.). After a loved one is cremated, you will need to purchase The Living Urn and select a tree, which costs $129.00 to $159.00, depending on the type of tree or shrub and Living Urn system you choose.

Can I plant a tree memorial indoors?

Yes! There is an indoor version of The Living Urn® with indoor bonsai tree and houseplant options. To learn more, click here.


If I plant a tree urn, can I still scatter some of the ashes?

Yes and this is actually quite common! Many families will choose to have multiple memorials of a loved one – whether it's more than one Living Urn® tree memorial, or using The Living Urn® with some of the ashes and then scattering some or all of the remaining ashes.

Can I still hold a funeral if I plant a tree pod?

Yes, and many families hold a funeral or celebration of life with their loved one’s body present (before cremation), or after their loved one has been cremated with the urn present. In addition, The Living Urn® comes with an attractive bamboo casing that many families choose to display at a funeral service of a loved one. And, many families will also choose cremation jewelry or other keepsakes to keep with them in addition to the tree memorial.


Answers to additional questions about planting a tree memorial with The Living Urn can be found here.

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