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The Epoch - Ceramic Urn

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A streamlined design that embodies tranquility and thoughtful reflection.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of modernist architecture, our ceramic urns are crafted as sophisticated symbols meant to pay tribute to your loved ones while elevating the aesthetic of your living space. Each urn is meticulously crafted to ensure lasting beauty and resilience. The sleek geometry and careful proportions of these pieces make them not only timeless but also versatile, allowing them to blend seamlessly into various settings while standing out as unique art pieces.

Each piece is individually shaped from white stoneware, meticulously smoothed by hand, and coated with a glossy satin finish that beckons to be touched and beautifully catches the light.

  • Dimensions: 12" H x 6.75" W
  • Product weight: 7 lb
  • Capacity: 200 Cu. In., suitable for those weighing 200 pounds or less before cremation

The urn's lid can be securely fastened with durable adhesive or temporarily sealed with transparent caulk. Available in a palette of Charcoal, Soft White, and Teal, each urn offers a serene yet striking presence.

Designed by Solstice Studio, made in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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