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Solidified Remains by Parting Stone

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Solidified remains allow families to feel a meaningful connection with the people they’ve lost. Now, everyone in the family can comfortably hold, scatter, keep, carry, share, and remember in a way that is special to them. Solidified remains are a platform for healing, growth, and engagement.

Our loved ones deserve better than to be hidden away in a closet - solidified remains make it so that never has to happen again.

Solidified remains are a 100% alternative to conventional ash. Now, when you choose cremation for a loved one, you have the option of receiving either ashes or stones.

Each collection of solidified remains is naturally unique. The remains appear with different textures and colors including chocolate brown, lavender, honey yellow, or with blue speckles.

Solidified remains act and feel like smooth river stones. The material is clean and permanent like ceramic. The stones will not dissolve in water or scratch with your fingernail. They will outlast us on Earth.

How it works

Can I receive both Parting Stones and Cremated Remains?

Yes, you can! We will simply take 50% of your loved one’s cremated remains and directly transfer them securely to Parting Stones facility in New Mexico. The Parting Stones will be returned to you within 10-14 weeks, while we will ensure you receive the remaining 50% of your loved one’s cremated remains within an urn of your choosing back into your care in the meantime.

The cost is the same for either 100% Parting Stones or 50% Parting Stones or 10% Parting Stones.

What do Parting Stones look like?

Our solidification service for an adult returns the full amount of remains as an average of 40-80+ “stones.” The number of stones varies based on the volume of remains provided. The appearance of the solidified remains varies naturally from person to person in shape, color, and texture, making each collection uniquely beautiful. Solidified remains are an alternative to conventional ash.

Parting Stone Promise

  • Return-to-ash satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% individual batch processing
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Step-by-step process tracking
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